Ford Edge Tech Features: A Brief Look

Ford Edge consistently ranks highly among the most popular midsize SUVs on the market. Its fuel efficiency and deft handling are favorite features of our Langlade Ford team, as are all of the Ford Edge's technology features. Take the following two for your info.

An App That Talks to Ford Edge

FordPass is the one-stop-shop app that lets you control your Ford Edge remotely. Once downloaded onto your phone, you can use FordPass to start your Ford Edge from anywhere and lock or unlock doors. FordPass sends you important vehicle info as needed, lets you schedule service when it's required or convenient, and lets you pay for the service in-app using FordPay. With FordPass, you can quickly access FordGuide in-app, a source of live customer service and support about all things Ford.

Stay In the Know on the Road

Ford and Waze integrate everything you love about the popular crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app into Sync3. You can transfer Waze from your phone screen to Sync3, enjoying the app on a larger, more pristine viewing surface. Thanks to Sync3's voice recognition, you can still interact with Waze via voice commands and receive audible navigation through Antigo, WI and beyond.

Confirm that the Ford Edge is the perfect midsize SUV for you today. We invite you to our dealership for a test drive anytime.

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