Ford F-150 Raptor: Insane Off-Road Performance

One of the most sought-after performance pickup trucks available today, the Ford F-150 Raptor is leaner and meaner than its predecessors. It's 500 lbs lighter than the previous versions but what really makes it shine are the great performance features. Here in Antigo, WI our team at Langlade Ford wants you to know all about those features.

With available Beadlock-Capable wheels, the F-150 Raptor allows you to air down the tires to a reduced psi to increase traction off-road. The beadlocking reduces the risk of the bead popping off the wheel when using lower psi. When using the available Ford Performance Bead Locking Ring Kit, you fasten the tires to the wheels.

With FOX Live valve shocks automatically adjust suspension damping to suit the terrain and how you approach it. They offer a great enhancement to the F-150 Raptor's already impressive and proven system.

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