Get to Know the Perks of Android Auto

At Langlade Ford in Antigo, WI, we want to keep you updated about the latest developments with the technologies offered with some of our cars. Android Auto is an innovative system that was developed by Google to provide drivers with a safe, convenient ride while keeping them connected when they're on the go.

Android Auto features a navigation system that is powered by Google Maps. This system helps you locate points of interest and arrive at your destination with ease thanks to turn-by-turn directions. If this system detects heavy traffic, it will suggest more efficient routes.

Android Auto is compatible with a host of third-party apps. With Waze, you get step-by-step directions and real-time traffic updates. Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Skype are just a few apps that are compatible with Android Auto. You can also use Google Assistant to make hands-free calls, send text messages with speech-to-text technology, and have your messages read out loud.

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