Ford's Newest Driver Safety System

We here at Langlade Ford in Antigo, WI can't stop talking about Ford Co-Pilot360, Ford's new dynamic suite of driver-assist technologies. It's the most comprehensive safety system on the market and is set to be standard on most new Ford models by the end of 2019. Here are two technologies from the suite.

Lane Keeping System

The Lane Keeping System uses three different techniques to help you stay in your own lane. A driver alert system with a forward-facing camera monitors your driving patterns, delivery visual and audio warnings if you begin veering outside of your normal driving patterns.

The other techniques include steering wheel vibration and steering torque. Vibration occurs when you drift close to lane markings, and torque helps you steer back to the center of your lane.

Auto High Beam

The Auto High Beam detects oncoming light from thousands of feet away, shutting off to keep from blinding oncoming drivers. Auto High Beam toggles between low and high as you drive, minimizing on-road distractions that cause collisions.

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