Be Good for Your Transmission to Make It Last Longer

While your transmission is only going to last so long, you can extend the longevity of the transmission in your car by taking good care of it. The first step is to come to Langlade Ford and see our service center for yearly inspections. The other important part is to come in if you are having problems driving your car.

How you drive matters when it comes to your transmission. Abrupt starts and stops can shorten the life of your transmission because they put a strain on it. In addition, towing items too large for your vehicle to handle aren't going to help. If your car begins struggling to get into gear or you hear grinding while driving your car, it's time to bring your car to our Antigo, WI showroom to have our technicians check it out. Driving your car isn't safe when the transmission is going.

Get help by visiting our service center today at 2530 Neva Road!

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