Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

You’ve purchased a new car, and the manual says it requires synthetic motor oil. You may be thinking it’s just a gimmick to get make more money. If these are your thoughts, you couldn’t be more wrong. Synthetic motor oil is required for specific vehicles and motors Stop in at [DEALER] and have our techs go over our various motor oils and explain the necessity of synthetic motor oil.

While many cars still use conventional motor oil if their driving is on smooth, well-maintained and dust-free roads. However, we can’t all do driving like that. Synthetic motor oil is created from specific chemical compounds that offer your motor better protection, resistance to sludge problems and a higher viscosity index.

If you’re due for an oil change or are still uncertain as to your vehicle’s motor oil requirements, stop into our service center at Langlade Ford and get all the info and maintenance you need.

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