Check Your PSI and Maintain Tire Pressure Correctly

Your tire pressure light comes on, and you immediately think you have a flat. That's probably not the case. Tire pressure lights come on when there is a significant drop in pressure, but it could be a gradual tire pressure leak from a missing cap, or it could just be the loss of tire pressure over time.

To get back on the road, you should check your PSI on the tire or in the vehicle owner's manual. If you notice that the tire pressure drops again, then you may have tire damage. It would be best to get the tire patched quickly and then head out on the road. Low tire pressure can lead to unsafe driving conditions for you and everyone else around you.

You should get a new tire if you can't maintain any tire pressure or see that your tires are badly damaged. If you have issues with your tires, stop by Langlade Ford to get more information and fix your tires fast.



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